Moss Wall Art

New for 2021

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Our Moss Wall Art displays consist of beautiful arrays of preserved mosses and other natural products that have been expertly placed to create totally individual and bespoke gorgeous wall decor.
We now provide indoor moss wall art displays created entirely out of natural moss and other woodland embellishments to give your space a magical and sophisticated feel. These bespoke wall art pieces are a brand new addition to Plantnations (and we are thrilled to introduce them to you). 
The moss we use in our displays have been treated and is fully preserved, this means there is zero maintenance or care needed (all you need to do is keep them out of direct sunlight). 
Our natural moss displays don't just look good! There are many advantages to owning a piece of moss wall art... as well as providing your space with a splash of colour they are also brilliant at absorbing noise, this can be useful in workplaces or homes with poor acoustics. Along with this, our moss wall art is great at purifying the air, and the moss we use is also fire resistant and hypoallergenic.
We use a mixture of Reindeer moss and Bun moss in all of our designs. These are then mixed in with seed heads, artificial foliages, and air plants to create amazing pieces of natural art.  The frames that the displays come in are available in a range of materials and sizes depending on your requirements.
pld designs.jpg

Creating bespoke moss wall art
especially for you

Our Moss Wall Art displays are lovingly handmade and always bespoke. Each display is made to order, guaranteeing completely unique designs that are customized to your needs.    

Watch the Plant Lady at work...

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